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Quilting Videos

A picture is worth a thousand words – and a video even more! Click on any of the videos below for product details and sewing how-to's. Watch innovative machines in action or learn to sew a pattern with step-by-step instructions, each in a fun and easy-to-follow visual presentation.

Meet Sara Trail Video
Meet Sara Trail Video

Get to know the young West Coast designer as she visits the Simplicity® offices in New York City, working with our design team on her line of sewing patterns.

Deluxe Bias Piping Video
Deluxe Felting Machine Video

The Simplicity Deluxe Bias & Piping Machine takes the original Bias Tape Maker to a whole new level - in addition to fabulous new features, this machine also covers piping cord with fabric. Watch strips of fabric become custom bias tape and piping easily, safely and quickly.

Simplicity's Deluxe Rotary Cutting and Embossing Machine

Our all-use workhorse with limitless functionality. This video includes how-to-use directions, and maintenance for both the rotary cutter and embossing functions of this machine.

The Winder

The Winder makes neat, even spools of bias tape or other types of tapes, ribbon, and trims, saving time and keeping your sewing supplies in order! This video provides instructions for using the machine, as well as demonstration of use with Simplicity's Bias Tape Maker machine.

Sidewinder Portable Bobbin Winder

This electric bobbin winder is a great time-saver for creating bobbins of thread and embroidery floss, allowing you to get sewing faster! This video shows you how to thread the bobbin winder and operate the machine to make perfect bobbins.

Bias Tape Maker

Watch this amazing new machine as it feeds, folds and presses flat strips of fabric into custom bias tape, saving you the time and hassle of creating it by hand. This video shows how to prepare fabric and use this machine for professional results.

Rotary Cutting Machine

Ideal for crafters, quilters, scrap bookers and sewing enthusiasts alike, this handy machine cuts perfect strips of fabric or paper for all of your projects. This video gives all of the details about using the Rotary Cutting Machine for perfect results every time.

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