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Appliqué Essentials

No Melt Mylar Template Plastic

This sturdy template plastic is great for those motifs used over and over, the edges won't fray or wear. Just trace the design onto the plastic using a pencil and cut. The seam allowance of the appliqué can be turned and pressed over the template without concern about melting plastic! Hint: Also makes a great drip mat when using a hot glue gun!

Marking Pen

A marking pen is a handy item for marking appliqué placement or tracing appliqué shapes. The ink is visible until it is dabbed or washed away with clear water.

Appliqué Sharps are long, sharp, very fine needles that are easy to maneuver around curvilinear shapes.


Protect your fingers with a good thimble. Open top thimbles like the Brass Ring Thimble and the Leather Ring Thimble are great for those with longer nails. Quilters who prefer flexibility will like the Quilter's Leather Thimble while the more traditional will like the slip stop tops of the Solid Brass Thimbles and Recessed Thimbles.

Bamboo Pointer and Creaser is the perfect companion for creasing seam allowances when doing needle turn appliqué or turning shapes to the right side for fusible appliqué.

Magnetic Pin Dispenser and Wrist Pincushion. Whether hand stitching or working at the machine it is important to have a handy place to store pins. The wrist pincushion has a comfortable elastic wristband that fits any size wrist yet stays on snugly and won't twist. The magnetic pin dispenser keeps pins in their place until ready to use.

Invisible thread

Available in clear (for light fabrics) and smoke (for dark fabrics), invisible thread is the perfect choice for machine blind stitching appliqués. It works great in the bobbin when machine quilting too.

Gold Sequin Collar
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