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schematic of where to place Easy Circle Cut tool to cut fabricThe Easy Circle Cut™ tool cuts circles and background circles.

To Cut Out a Circle:

First cut a strip of fabric that is 1" taller than the desired finished circle. For example: For a 4" finished circle, cut a 5" strip of fabric.

schematic of where to place rotary cutter when cutting circle out of fabricFold strip lengthwise. Align Fabric Fold Line of Easy Circle Cut™ on the folded edge of the fabric strip (A). Insert rotary cutter (18mm works best) in correct groove marked in inches from center and cut holding rotary cutter straight (B).

Continue to cut number of circles needed.

schematic of circle block background fabricTo Make Inset Circle Block:

To prepare the block background, a circular "hole" must be cut as follows. From background fabric, cut desired size square and fold in half. Center the Easy Circle Cut™ on folded edge of square and cut out circle 1" smaller than the circle size that will fit into the square (C). Set this circle aside for the use in another project. For example: If cutting a 9" circle for the block center, cut the background fabric in the 8" groove. This will make an 8" opening for the 9" circle to be sewn "into".

schematic of circular piece of fabric, fabric circleCut circle for block center following instructions above — see To Cut Out a Circle (D).

Fold and crease circle and background square (with hole in center) into quarters. Place background onto circle. Align folds and pin around circle. Stitch using a 1/4" seam allowance (E).

schematic of raw edge circle block

To make Raw Edge Circle Block:

Cut background square to desired size. Cut circles in sizes to fit inside square. Fold each in quarters and crease. Using crease marks to center, place circles onto a square and use decorative stitch, such as zigzag stitch, over edges.

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