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Before cutting strips, fold your fabric once parallel to the selvedge edges, with selvedge edges together. Then fold again in the same direction. Trim along one side of the folded fabric perpendicular to the selvedge edge to square it up.

Determine the finished edge of the diamond that you need.

diagram of fabric diamond indicating finished edge (diagonal)

Find the line on the tool that corresponds to the required finished edge of your diamonds.

diagram showing measurement marks on tool corresponding with width of fabric strip

Line the trimmed edge of the fabric along the line on the tool corresponding to the finished side length of your diamonds.

diagram of tool overlayed on fabric to cut straight line (strip)

Line up the tool on the edge of your strip as shown and trim the corner at a 60º angle.

schematic of first cut using Easy Six to make a diamond-shaped fabric piece

With the bottom of the tool lined up with the edge of your strip, slide the tool along the strip until the end of the strip fills the diamond outlined with solid lines which corresponds to the desired finished diamond. Note the seam allowance in dashed lines. Cut along the end of the tool to get your diamond.

schematic of subsequent cuts using Easy Six to make diamond-shaped fabric pieces
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