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EZ Quilting® Tutorials

Magic Angle Tips

The Magic Angle is unique to the Tri-Recs™ Tools and the Easy Tri-Mate™. The Magic Angle is the blunt, angled end on the tip of the tools. Because it aligns with the raw edge of another piece evenly, it acts as a "check", allowing you to fit the pieces together perfectly every time for accurate piecing. Another benefit of the Magic Angle is it eliminates those pesky "dog ears" that occur when joining pointed pieces. So, the Magic Angle helps you piece quickly and accurately, AND reduces seam bulk! (Visit the Tri-Recs™ Tutorial to see how the Magic Angle is used).

Another great feature that many of our quilting tools (Easy Angle™, Companion Angle™, Tri-Recs™ Tools, Easy Tri-Mate™, Easy Dresden) have is the flat top. Why is a flat top so good? The Easy tools are made to work with a strip; the flat top makes it easy to position on the strip and, you guessed it, reduces "dog ears"!

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