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Loom Knit Light and Lacy Cowl
Loom Knit Light and Lacy Cowl
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Loom Knit Light and Lacy Cowl

★★★★★ ★★★★★

Loom knit a pretty lacy cowl that will add a feminine touch to all your favorite outfits. Easy.

Step: 1

Download the PDF for a set of portable project instructions. Read through all of the instructions before beginning.

cm—centimeter(s); g—gram(s); ew—e-wrap and knit; oz—ounce(s); st(s)— stitch(es); yd—yard(s)

One size to fit most adult women: 22" (55.5 cm) circumference x 12" (30.5 cm) long


  • #3 light worsted weight yarn: Red Heart Cutie Pie 100% polyester, 3.5 oz (100 g), 326 yd (298 m), 1 skein, color #0010 Cotton
  • Boye® 66-peg Light Weight Yarn Loom
  • Loom tool
  • Yarn needle

Gauge is not critical for this project.

Slip Knot Bind Off:

This bind off is used to create a series of slip knots that anchor long live loops so they do not tighten up and it isn't necessary to add a border. Leave all live stitches on loom during all steps; adjust length of working loop as needed.

  • Step 1: Start on the peg that is attached to the working yarn; wrap peg; insert loom tool below the loop on the peg and pull working yarn down to create a loop about 2" (5 cm) long called the "working loop".
  • Step 2: Use your fingers to pull the working yarn through the working loop; pull gently until the first loop is snug (not tight) on peg and the new working loop remains loose; this peg is now complete.
  • Step 3: Place one side of the new working loop above loop on next peg; use loom tool to pull working loop down through loop on peg. Repeat Steps 2-3 until 1 peg remains. If yarn falls behind empty skipped pegs, simply allow it to rest there until next wrapped peg and then bring to front to continue on with Step 3; snug yarn as you go.
  • Step 4: Pull working yarn through loop on last peg. Cut tail and pull through loop to tighten. Remove all sts from loom.

This cowl is made with two strands of yarn held together throughout. Divide skein into two balls approximately the same size before beginning. Long drop stitches will appear between the stitches in each round as you work.

Step: 2

With two strands of yarn held together as one, ew 3 sts, skip 3 sts with yarn behind pegs; repeat around loom until 33 pegs are wrapped; e-wrap same pegs again and knit off to complete cast on.
Round 1: *Ew3, skip 3 pegs, rep from * around. Repeat Round 1 for 54 rounds or until piece measures approximately 12" (35 cm).
Work 1 more round very loosely to make Slip Knot Bind Off easier. Bind off using Slip Knot Bind-Off (see Special Stitch section above).

Step: 3

Weave in ends or knot and trim. If desired, lightly steam edges to flatten. Turn cowl inside out so purl side shows.