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Knitted Nesting Baskets
Knitted Nesting Baskets
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Knitted Nesting Baskets

★★★★★ ★★★★★

Make a set of nesting baskets to hold crafting tools, and so much more. Fun and easy with loom knitting! Standard knitting instructions also included in the project sheet.
Skill level: NONE

Step: 1

Download the PDF for a set of portable project instructions. If you prefer to knit these baskets without the looms, these instructions are also included in the PDF; the loom knitting version is presented below. Read through all of the instructions before beginning.

Small (24 peg loom):
4" (10 cm) tall x 3" (7.5 cm) interior diameter
Medium (30 peg loom): 4.5" (11.5 cm) tall x 4" (10 cm) interior diameter
Large (36 peg loom): 5" (12.5 cm) tall x 5" (12.5 cm) interior diameter


  • #6 super bulky weight yarn: Red Heart Grande (78% Acrylic / 22% wool, 5.29 oz (150 g)>, 46 yd (42 m). One skein per basket; colors used: Small: Aran, Medium: Wintergeen, Large: Oatmeal
  • Boye® 24 peg loom
  • Boye® 30 peg loom
  • Boye® 36 peg loom
  • Loom tool
  • Yarn needle
  • Thread in coordinating colors
  • Sewing needle
See the Supply List for items you can purchase here.

Gauge is not critical for this project if looms and yarn weight match the ones indicated above.

Step 1:
E-wrap and knit the first two stitches.
Step 2: Remove the loop from peg 2 and place it on peg 1. Knit off peg 1.
Step 3: Move the remaining loop on peg 1 back to peg 2; One peg bound off.
Step 4: E-wrap and knit peg 3. Remove the loop from peg 3 and place it on peg 2. Knit off peg 2.
Step 5: Move the remaining loop from peg 2 back to peg 3; two stitches are bound off.
Continue binding off each peg in the same manner until you only have one loop remaining on the loom. E-wrap this peg and knit off. Cut yarn leaving an 8" (20 cm) tail and pull through last loop to secure.

Cast on desired number of pegs using e-wrap cast on. *Pass working yarn behind the cast on pegs and then back to the beginning. Hold the yarn in front of the pegs without wrapping (flat stitch) and knit off each peg. Tug tube gently every few rows to set stitches. Repeat from * until I-cord is desired length. To finish, cut yarn leaving an 8" (20 cm) tail. Thread tail onto yarn needle and insert needle through each stitch. Remove loops from loom and pull to gather. Sew securely then insert remaining tail into cord and trim.

Step: 2

Note: Directions for smallest basket are given first followed by medium and large size in parentheses ( ).

E-wrap cast on all pegs. Continue to e-wrap and knit until sides measure 5" (12.5 cm) / 5.5" (14 cm) / 6" (15.5 cm) when laid flat. Bind off using Flat Panel Bind Off. Cut yarn and weave in ends. Allow cast on edge to roll to form top edge of basket.

Cast on 2 pegs. Following directions for I-cord, coil and sew the I-cord into a circle as you knit until it is slightly smaller than the base of the sides.

Step: 3

Sew bottom to sides. Weave in all ends.