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Loom Knit Fingerless Gloves
Loom Knit Fingerless Gloves
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Loom Knit Fingerless Gloves

★★★★★ ★★★★★

These quick and easy loom knit fingerless gloves are perfect for a chilly day and make a great fashion add-on.

Step: 1

Download the PDF for a set of portable project instructions. Read through all of the instructions before beginning.

cm—centimeter(s); ew—e-wrap and knit; g—gram(s)

One size: 9" (23 cm) long x 11" (28 cm) circumference


  • #6 bulky weight yarn: Patons Cobbles, 49% Wool/49% Acrylic/2% Nylon, 3.5oz (98 g), 40 yds (37m)), 1 skein, color #85012 Moon Rocks
  • Boye® 24-peg Bulky Yarn Loom
  • Loom tool
  • Yarn needle

Purl Stitch

Note: This stitch is the opposite of a knit stitch and produces a bump on the front.
Step 1: Place the working yarn in front of the peg and below the existing loop.
Step 2: Place your loom tool above the loop on the peg and slide it under the loop, grab the working yarn and pull up a loop.
Step 3: Holding the new loop on the loom tool, pull up and remove the loop on the peg.
Step 4: Place the loop that is on the loom tool onto the peg allowing the loop that was removed to fall behind the peg. Pull the working yarn gently to tighten the loop on the peg.

Stretchy Bind-Off
Step 1:
E-wrap and knit pegs 1 and 2.
Step 2: Move loop on peg 2 to peg 1 and knit off.
Step 3: Wrap peg 1 again and knit off.
Step 4: Move the stitch on peg 1 to peg 2 (the empty peg where peg 2 was). This will now be called peg 1. To bind off additional stitches, e-wrap and knit peg 2, then repeat Steps 2-4 until all stitches have been bound off. For last peg only, do not knit the extra stitch. Cut yarn and pull through.

Step: 2

Leaving a 12" (30.5 cm) tail, E-wrap cast-on 14 pegs.
Rows 1-3: Ew.
Rows 4-5: Purl.
Rows 6-8: Ew.
Rows 9-10: Purl.
Rows 11-12: Ew.
Row 13: Increase one stitch at the beginning and end of row by e-wrapping and knitting the adjacent pegs—16 sts.
Rows 14-20: Ew.
Rows 21: Decrease one stitch at the beginning and end of row by moving the first and last stitch to the adjacent peg and knitting off—14 sts.
Rows 22-23: Ew.
Fasten off leaving a 12" (30.5 cm) tail.

Step: 3

The seam to be stitched
will be on the inner side of each hand.
Place glove around hand and mark where you would like the top and bottom of the thumb hole.
Use beginning tail to sew seam up to marked thumb hole. Fasten off and weave in tail.
Use ending tail to sew seam from top to upper edge of thumb hole. Fasten off and weave in tail.