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Wool Felt Slippers
Wool Felt Slippers
Wool Felt Slippers
Wool Felt Slippers
Wool Felt Slippers
Wool Felt Slippers
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Wool Felt Slippers

★★★★★ ★★★★★

A pair of handmade wool slippers will definitely warm the heart of the wearer. Easy to stitch and fun to decorate!

Step: 1

GETTING STARTED: Download the PDF for the embroidery stitches and patterns used in this project, enlarging or reducing according to your size needs. The pattern at 100% is designed for a size 8 women’s shoe. Read through all of these instructions before beginning.


  • Wool felt: grey, midnight blue
  • Wool roving: turquoise, white
  • Needle felting tools
  • Scissors
  • Double stick tape
  • Hot-fix gems in assorted sizes and colors
  • Hot-fix tool
  • Embroidery thread in assorted colors
  • Embroidery needle
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NOTE: You will need FOUR 12" x 12" pieces of wool felt to make one pair of slippers.

Step: 2

1. Iron the rolls of flat felt before cutting out the patterns. This makes it easier to use. Apply double-sided tape to the back of your patterns so that they stick to the wool felt and make it easier to cut them out.
2. For each pair of slippers, cut 2 sets of pattern pieces from the sheets of flat felt. Cut the 2 lines on the soles and the T slit on the slipper uppers.
3. Place the slipper upper and sole on top of each other. Remember that for a pair, the slippers need to be mirror images of each other.
4. Using an overcasting stitch and all 6 ply of a matching embroidery thread, join the upper and sole of each slipper. Stitch from the back at one side, up around the big toe, and down the other side, leaving the back open.

Step: 3

5. Stitch the back of the slipper as follows. Fold the slipper in half at the upper T slit, matching the top edges of the slipper back. Overcast the edges starting at the top and stitching down to the 2 slits you cut on the sole. Knot your thread and trim the end. You should have a little square flap at the bottom base of the slipper (see photo). Fold this flap up overlapping the seam you just stitched, and sew around the 3 cut sides using 6 ply embroidery thread.
6. Turn your slipper right side out. The flap you just sewed will now be on the inside bottom of the slipper.

Step: 4

EMBELLISHMENT: Embroidery Option
If you choose the embroidered cuff, it will be easiest to do the embroidery prior to assembly of the cuff on the slipper. Refer to the pattern, photos, and stitch diagrams as guides for what we did.

Step: 5

EMBELLISHMENT: Needle Felting with Hot-fix Gems Option
If you prefer to do the needle felted embellishment on the top of the slipper, insert the foam block inside the slipper, then work the roving colors as shown. Add hot-fix gems for a stylish sparkle!

Step: 6

Place the cuff inside the slipper with the right side of the cuff facing the wrong side of the slipper. Align the straight edge of the cuff and the front edge of the slipper opening. Make sure the cuff lines up with the end of the notches. Overcast the straight edges together. Turn the cuff out and flatten against the top of the slipper.

Step: 7

Work a buttonhole stitch around the outer edge of the cuff through the top of the slipper to hold it in place.

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