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Maltese Cross Lap Quilt
Maltese Cross Lap Quilt
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Maltese Cross Lap Quilt

★★★★★ ★★★★★

This pattern can be used to emphasize interesting positive and negative shapes depending on your color choices. Great for displaying on a wall!

Step: 1

GETTING STARTED: Download the PDF for a set of portable project instructions. Read through all of the instructions before beginning.



  • EZ Quilting™ Maltese Cross Acrylic Tool
  • General sewing supplies
  • Quilt basting pins 1" size
  • Quilting thread to match fabrics
  • Rotary Cutter
  • Mat
  • Ruler


  • Red fabric: 5/8 yd for shape A – block corners
  • White fabric: 5/8 yd for shape B – block sides
  • Black fabric: 3/8 yd for shape C – block centers
  • Binding fabric: 1/2 yd
  • Backing fabric: 1 yd
  • Batting: Craft size


  • From Red: 4 – 3-1/2" x 42" strips to yield 48 A shapes
  • From White: 6 – 3-1/2" x 42" strips to yield 48 B shapes
  • From Black: 2 – 3-1/2" x 42" strips to yield 12 C shapes
  • From Black: 4 – 2-1/4" x 42" strips for the binding

All seams are sewn right sides together with 1/4" seam allowance.

Step: 2

ASSEMBLING THE BLOCKS—See PDF instructions for diagrams:
Part 1: Sew a red A piece to the right side of a white B piece exactly as shown, keeping the B piece on top as you sew. Press toward the B piece. Make 10 units.

Part 2: Sew a red A piece to the left side of the units from Part 1 exactly as shown, keeping the B piece on the top as you sew. Press toward the B piece. Make 24 units.

Part 3: Sew a white B piece to both sides of a center C white square, keeping the C piece on top as you sew. Press towards the C pieces. Repeat to make 12 units.

Part 4: Sew Part 1 units to both sides of a Part 3 unit, matching and pinning the seams intersections. Sew with the Part 3 unit on top. Press toward the Part 1 units.

Step: 3

ASSEMBLING THE QUILT—See PDF instructions for diagram:
Arrange the blocks as shown in the picture. Turn the blocks so all the inner seams alternate in each row and from row to row. Sew the blocks together in rows of three, matching and pinning seam intersections. Press the seams open.

Sew the rows together, matching and pinning seam intersections. Press the seams open or to one side.

Step: 4

On a flat surface, make a quilt sandwich by layering the backing fabric right side down, then the batting, then the quilt top right side up. Baste the quilt every three to four inches with 1" quilt basting safety pins.

Quilt as desired. The quilt shown was quilted in three echoing concentric lines within each piece of the block.

After quilting, baste stitch a scant 1/4" around the outside edges of the quilt to keep the layers together.

Stitch the 4 binding strips together end to end using diagonal seams. Press the seams open. Fold and press in half lengthwise to make double binding.

Sew the binding to the quilt front along the quilt edge.

Trim the edge of the quilt a generous 1/8" wider than the seam allowance.

Flip the binding to the back, ensuring that approximately 3/8" binding is showing on the front of the quilt and stitch down with matching thread.

Make a label with your name and date and sew it onto the back of your quilt. Tip: Sew the label onto the back before quilting so that the quilting stitches permanently attach it to the quilt.