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Collegiate Alphabet Appliques
Collegiate Alphabet Appliques
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Collegiate Alphabet Appliques

★★★★★ ★★★★★

Show your school spirit by adding letter appliques in your school letters and colors. Simplicity makes it fun!

Step: 1

Download the PDF for a set of portable project instructions. Read through all of the instructions before beginning. You can make your appliques in a single color with our basic alphabet letters, or layer another color underneath with our perfectly-proportioned accent letters.

Letter height is 1-1/2" for single layer, 1-3/4" for double layer


  • Fabric of your choice or to match your school colors: we recommend cotton broadcloth, craft felt and quilting cotton. Amount of fabric needed will depend on how many letters you will be using.
  • Paper-backed fusing web: this is available in most fabric and craft stores. Fusing web consists of a paper base with a thin layer of glue attached to the entire surface. This glue melts when heated, fusing fabrics together. When the glue cools the fabrics are securely bonded.
  • Straight pins
  • Scissors
  • Iron and ironing board
  • Collegiate alphabet for appliques (see pages 2-3 of PDF)

Step: 2

Cutting the Appliques
Use the downloaded printout
as your applique pattern. Cut out the specific letters you need from the alphabet. Each letter can be used as many times as needed.

With the right side of the pattern facing you, place it on the RIGHT side of the fabric. If you place it on the wrong side the letter will be backwards when it is cut out.

Pin the pattern in place, being careful to pin around any openings within the letter to ensure straight, even cuts.

Use a pair of sharp, pointed scissors to cut out letters. The points will be into the corners and angles of the letters for clean, crisp lines.

Repeat steps above for each letter (and accent letter) you will be using.

Step: 3

Fusing the Appliques
With the right side of the pattern facing you,
place it on the GLUE side of the paper-backed fusing web.

Pin in place and cut out in the same manner as you did with the applique fabric.

Place the GLUE side of the fusing web on the WRONG side of the fabric applique, matching all cut edges.

Follow the manufacturer’s directions and use a hot iron to fuse the web to the WRONG side of the applique. Press from the paper side first, and then allow to cool.

Turn the applique over, apply a pressing cloth and press from the fabric side to ensure a complete bond. IMPORTANT: the pressing cloth not only prevents glue from sticking to the sole plate of your iron if any is peeking out from behind the fabric, but is essential when using craft felt to prevent scorching of the felt.

After the applique has cooled completely, peel off the paper, revealing the glue on the WRONG side of the applique.

If layering basic and accent letters, now is the time to do it. Place the basic letter with glue side down on the RIGHT side of its accent letter, centering it so that the same amount of accent is showing on all letter edges. Cover with a pressing cloth and press basic letter to accent letter. Allow to cool.

Place with glue side down on the RIGHT side of the bag as desired. Cover with a pressing cloth and press to the bag fabric, being sure to press all of the letter edges. Allow to cool.

Turn the back inside out and press again, from the WRONG side.

Once the applique has cooled completely, you can add finishing touches with fabric paint, hand stitching or leave as is.